Sky-Watcher EQ3 LJ1 Mount

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  • For newtonian and cassegrain telescopes up to 150mm aperture
  • For refractor telescopes up to 120mm aperture
  • Ready to use with aluminium tripod, manual movement in both axis
  • Two 1.8kg counterweights.
  • You can upgrade the EQ3 mount to a 100% GoTo mount or to a very good base for astrophotography
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Item code: 30020002

The Skywatcher EQ3 is a solid base for medium sized telescopes both for visual observing and for astro imaging. With the appropriate upgrades and accessories the mount is fully suitable for astro imaging, including long exposures.

The basic model offered here is well suited for visual observing with medium sized telescopes. It contains all parts necessary to begin using it (except a telescope of course!)

Load Capacity: The EQ3 is suitable for Newtonian telescopes up to approx. 150mm aperture, for refractors up to about 100mm aperture (or 120mm short tube). Photographically we recommend to use the next smaller telescope size, especially for long exposures. Depending on the lever arm we rate this mount at approximately 5kgs load capacity.

EQ3 for Astro Imaging: For long exposure astro-imaging a mount needs to fit several requirements. The EQ3 offer these:

♦ precise adjustment of the polar axis in azimuth and altitude for precise polar alignment.
♦ availability of a polar alignment scope
♦ availability of a dual axis motor drive. During long exposures a correction of drift in the DEC axis will usually be necessary. Since you cannot touch the mount during exposure you will need a motor for this!