Vixen SXD2 VC200L S Telescope

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  • A highly corrected instrument specifically modeled for astrophotography.
  • Features VISAC (Vixen Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain) system which yields sharp, high definition stellar images to the edge of a wide field of view.
  • The Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount has the capability of handing loads of up to 22.6 kg (50 lbs).
  • 272,342 objects in database memory
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This Vixen VC200L 8" f/9 Cassegrain Telescope is a highly corrected telescope specifically modeled for astrophotography. It features a unique catadioptric design with a highly accurate sixth order aspherical primary mirror, convex secondary mirror, and triplet corrector lens. In lieu of hooks, the primary mirror is held in place by a retaining ring in order to reduce flare and enhance contrast.

  • VISAC optical system consists of a concave primary mirror, convex secondary mirror, and a 3-element field corrector at the focuser base.
  • Starbook 10 controller features a 5" full-color HD quality LCD screen, 270,000+ object database, backlash compensation, virtual and permanent periodic error correction (PEC), hibernate mode, and adjustable brightness!

Vixen's VISAC system, an abbreviation for Vixen's Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain, yields high definition stellar images to the edge of a wide field of view and allows for especially superior performance in astro-imaging. Stars will remain sharp (smaller than 15 micrometers) even at the fringe of larger 35mm film format CCD chips. As this is less than the resolution of many first-rate CCD cameras, the telescope will not affect the quality of the image. Thanks to its intricate aspherical optical design, this instrument attains excellent image correction completely through the large illuminated field (42mm diameter fully illuminated). Includes Vixen's Dual-Speed Focuser and compression ring.

Vixen has modified the design and construction of their cutting-edge SXD equatorial mount. The new SXD2 has a higher loading capacity along with more rigidity allowing for a steadier stage for astrophotography. Quiet stepping motors provide smooth slewing and fast command response.

Increased Loading Capacity: RA and DEC Axes are both manufactured from solid steel with brass wheel gears. This allows the mount the ability to take on loads of up to 50 lbs with counterweights included for astrophotography.

Smooth RA and DEC Movement: The interior of the new SXD2 is vastly different from prior SX Mounts. RA and DEC axes as well as the screw gear shafts now have added bearings. The worm screw gears are rigorously inspected for exact concentricity and are lapped in the whole circle for smooth movement.

Included with the SXD2 Mount is Vixen's new Starbook 10 controller, previously available only with the SXP Mount. The Starbook 10 consists of an enormous catalog of over 270,000 objects so that you'll be able to locate your desired target no matter where you are. Features a beautiful, full color, sizable LCD screen. Other convenient features such as night vision mode, brightness control, glowing control buttons, hibernate control, and bilingual options are also included with the Starbook 10. This controller also supplies backlash compensation; automatic Go-To performance; lunar, sidereal, solar, man-made satellite, and comet tracking modes; and both virtual and permanent PEC, advancing the SXD2 mount's gear efficiency.

The Screen:

  • Full-color, 5" HD quality LCD screen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Red night vision mode available for both screen and controller buttons

The Brain:

  • 270,000+ object database
  • Permits user defined objects
  • Artificial satellite and comet tracking modes
  • Backlash compensation
  • Virtual and permanent PEC. Virtual PEC is automatically loaded on the mount's programing and will compensate for typical errors. Permanent PEC is a user determined correction which can be saved to controller, further refining the SXD's tracking accuracy.
  • Adjustable hibernate mode. Save your battery life! "Wake up" your mount by simply switching over the power switch. No need to loosen clamp levers on the RA and DEC axis.

Controller Hardware:

  • LAN PC connection
  • Integrated autoguider port
  • Expansion slot available with purchase of separately available Advance Unit