Telescope Indonesia is the largest Astronomy, Observation, Scientific and Laboratory Optics and Equipment Online Store in Indonesia. We are providing more than 14 international brands, as well as customer service for most of our products to our valuable customer. 

Our History

Telescope Indonesia is an international union of more than 20 amateur astronomers, optic experts, cosmologists, astrophotographers and scientists, who use their knowledge and experience to provide the best products and services to Nature and Night Sky lovers. Our board members are famous international astronomers, like Mr. Babak A. Tafreshi, who is one of the main founders of TWAN (The World at Night) international project. 

Our team started its business since year 2002, focusing on Middle East market, Serving more than 4000 nature lovers and astronomers per year and become official reseller and distributor of more than 10 international optics and observation instruments brands in the region.

Since beginning of year 2018, due to limited number of observation and astronomy tools and equipment suppliers and distributors in the South East Asia, our team decided to open its business and services in the region, choosing Indonesia as its business hub. 

Our Business

Telescope Indonesia is an educational, scientific and astronomical tools and equipment online store and service provider in Indonesia. It is under management and operation of PT. Sahand Jaya Internasional , a business company located in Jakarta - Indonesia which is managed and operated by astronomy expert team members like Behrang Amin Tafreshi, board member and adviser with more than 17 years of experience in sales, marketing and distribution of astronomy tools and equipment worldwide. 

Our main business services are as listed below:

Import, Distributes, Sales and Customer Service of more than 14 international brands of optics, astronomical and educational products and services

Operating programs for science promotion and sharing knowledge national wide

Operating and Supporting Astronomical programs and Scientific Publications

Our Mission

We are focusing to fulfill the current needs of Nature and Night Sky lovers, providing the educational and astronomical tools and equipment which astronomers, researchers and scientist require in their daily work, or those who just following science like astronomy as their favorite hobby. 

For us, business is not just selling the products, but it’s the service and responsibility which comes after it and we provide to our loyal customers. Training our valuable customers how to use the products, after sales services such as customer service and providing genuine products with best price guaranteed are the main missions of Telescope Indonesia.

Our Vision

Sky is our limit! Telescope Indonesia believes in current potential of Indonesian people, as well as Nature and Night Sky lovers in other countries in the region. We believe that the young generation will need good and high quality tools and equipment to answer their infinite questions about how the universe was created; or where do we live in the universe? As well as discovering the pure nature and wildlife of Indonesia and other countries in South East Asia. 

We are looking forward to have an effective role in sharing astronomy knowledge and education to the young generation, to build a better and more educated nation, and to help people discovering the beauty of the nature around them. 

Our Products and Services

Telescope Indonesia Imports and Distributes the goods listed below:

All types of Telescopes (Manual, Computerized, and Customized by needs)

All types of Binoculars (Roof and Porro Prism)

Thermal and Night Vision Binoculars

Microscopes (Stereo, Optical and Digital)


Spotting Scopes

Astrophotography Cameras (CCDs and accessories) 

Lenses and Photography Accessories 

Digital Planetariums (include Portable Domes as an option) 

Planetarium Tools and Accessories (Projectors, Seats, Videos and Contents) 

Observatory Domes

We also provide limited customer service for repairing and fixing damaged products (Based on type of the products, terms and conditions may apply) 

Our Brands 

Telescope Indonesia provides and sales more than 14 international brands, as listed below:

Celestron (Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Microscopes, and Accessories)

Diffraction Limited (CCD’s, Cameras, and Accessories)

Digitalis (Planetarium Systems, Fixed and Portable Domes)  

GSO (Telescopes, and Accessories)

Lunt (Telescopes, Solar Telescopes, and Accessories) 

Meade (Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Solar Telescopes, and Accessories) 

Night Sky (Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes, Digital Planetariums and Portable Domes)

Orion (Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Cameras, and Accessories)

Praktika (Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and Digital Cameras)

See Coast (Coin Operated and Outdoor Binoculars)

Sky Watcher (Telescopes, and Accessories)

Vixen (Telescopes, Binoculars, Microscopes, and Accessories) 

William Optics (Telescopes, Binoculars and Accessories)

ZWO (CCD’s, Cameras, and Accessories)

Our Customers

Telescope Indonesia can fulfill the needs of the professions listed below:

Astronomers, Cosmologists and Night Sky Lovers

Bird Watchers, Nature Lovers and Adventurers

Governmental Institutions and Public Professions

Science and Laboratory Professions

Educational and Training Institutes  

We Appreciate your Feedbacks 

If you have any inquiries, questions or improvement feedbacks in mind, kindly do not hesitate to contact us at +6289607080888 (Call, SMS, WhastApp, Telegram or IMO) or email us at We highly appreciate your feedbacks!