NightSky L Tripod Adapter for Binoculars

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  • Solid construction metal adapter
  • Suitable even for larger binoculars
  • Fits onto any camera tripod
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Metal L adaptor for fixing binoculars to a tripod thus eliminating tired arms and reducing vibration.

Excellent for astronomy stargazing or when you need to hold up your binocs for a long time without shake and vibration.

Viewing through heavy astronomy binoculars or even a 10x50 binocular can be difficult and tiring on the arms.

This adapter lets you attach your binoculars to a tripod so you, and your arms, can enjoy long viewing sessions in comfort without having to hold up your binoculars.

Holding high-magnification binoculars in your hands can cause your views to be shaky so coupling a high-power binocular to a tripod provides a stable and steady platform to view from and images seem much clearer especially over long distances.

Captive 1/4"-20 bolt threads into tripod adapter receptacle feature found in the bridge of almost all binoculars.

Made of rugged 1/8" thick steel with a powder coat finish.

Eliminate image-shake in high-power binoculars with this sturdy L-mount bracket allowing you to easily connect binoculars with a front tripod screw socket to any mount using a standard tripod screw.

How to fit binoculars to a tripod, how do you do it ?

Firstly look on the centre hinge of your binoculars between the two objective (larger) lenses and there is normally a plastic or metal screw cap on the end of the hinge, if you remove this by turning it anticlockwise you can see the thread for the binocular adaptor under this dust cap, they are a standard size thread and this adaptor will fit them all.